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Cyrillic is the intelligent pedigree drawing tool that's designed to work the way you think.   Cyrillic is a powerful program that brings together all the tools you need for drawing family pedigrees, and managing and analyzing pedigree data.   
This page provides links for you to download demonstration versions of Cyrillic 2 and Cyrillic 3.   The Cyrillic 3 demonstration version can be converted into a fully licensed, full function copy of Cyrillic 3 by following the licensing process in the Getting Started Guide or Manual.   Licenses are issued once we have received payment for the software.

Cyrillic 3

Cyrillic 3 is the intelligent pedigree drawing tool that's designed to work the way you think.   Cyrillic is a powerful program that brings together all the tools you need for drawing family pedigrees, and managing and analyzing pedigree data.   The following files are available for download:




The Cyrillic 3 package is a 30 day full functionality demo.

Please use WinZip or a similar piece of software to "Unzip" the contents of the demo zip file into an empty folder on your PC.
Open the folder in Windows Explorer and double click on the Setup.exe folder to install the Cyrillic 3.0 demo.
The demo may require a serial number - for the 30 day demo use the serial number DEMO
Once the demo has installed, you may, if you wish, delete the folder containing the setup files from your PC.
The 30 day demo can be converted into a fully licensed copy of Cyrillic 3 on payment of a license fee.

Other Downloads:

Cyrillic 2

Cyrillic 2 is still the choice if you want to draw pedigrees that allow you to work with genetic marker data, or do haplotyping studies.   It allows the user to export data to a range of linkage analysis packages. The following files are available for download: 



The Cyrillic 2.1 demo has some key functions disabled:

  • You may draw families of 15 individuals or less (10,000 in full version).
  • You may print, but a demo banner will appear over the printout.
  • You can only open two windows at one time (10 in full version).
  • You may copy and paste, but only within Cyrillic (also to other Windows applications in full version).
  • You may not import, export or save files, but you can see what import and export formats are supported in the File menu.

Click here for a guided tour to Cyrillic 2 which can be used with the demo download.

FASTLINK - The FASTLINK package contains straight replacements for some of the original LINKAGE programs (written in PASCAL). These have been rewritten in C and are much faster than the originals (which have also now been reworked by their authors). They have been rewritten and subsequently developed further by Alejandro Schaffer.

We are grateful to Alejandro for letting us distribute a version of FASTLINK that can be used with Cyrillic 2.1 for Breast Cancer risk analysis:

32-bit version | 16-bit version

LINKAGE - Home of the LINKAGE package from the Statistical Genetics Group, Rockefeller University. There is a comprehensive list of linkage software and their site holds LINKAGE itself and many other related programs.

Cyrillic 2 Patches

Cyrillic 2.1.3 Maintenance Upgrade (10 November 1997)

The Cyrillic 2.1.3 maintenance upgrade addresses a large number of functional issues with Cyrillic versions 2.1.0, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2. These are either bugs or feature enhancements, many raised or suggested by users, that have come to light since the original release of Cyrillic 2.1.

We discovered that some faulty date logic had been introduced in version 2.1.2, which meant that if you created a file in the first two weeks of October, November or December and moved one partner within a marriage, Cyrillic would crash the next time the file was opened. Any such files can be safely opened with v2.1.3.

See the v2.1.3 maintenance upgrade notes for details of the changes.

Please note. The 2.1.3 updater will not update Cyrillic versions 2.0.x. The Cyrillic 2.0.2 maintenance upgrade is still available to version 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 users who haven't bought the upgrade to version 2.1.

See the v2.0.2 maintenance upgrade notes for details of the changes.

Download Cyrillic 2.1.3 Updater (1002k) to update Cyrillic v2.1.0, v2.1.1 or v2.1.2

Download Cyrillic 2.0.2 Updater (561k) to update Cyrillic v2.0.0 or 2.0.1

Installation Instructions:

  • Make backup copies of your Cyrillic.exe and Cyrillic.hlp files (eg copy CYRILLIC.EXE to CY210EXE.BAK, and CYRILLIC.HLP to CY210HLP.BAK).
  • Create a sub-directory PATCH in your Cyrillic installation directory. Unzip the download file and copy the file 213FGPCH.EXE to this new directory.
  • Close any other programs before running the patch program and let it complete the patching before continuing with any other work.
  • Run the Patch program file (eg File|Run from Program manager -- enter C:\CYRIL210\PATCH\213FGPCH.EXE).
  • When 213FGPCH.EXE is opened it will take you through the patch process. You are presented with a Welcome dialog describing the program. The next dialog is a Location dialog -- locate the CYRILLIC.EXE to be updated.
  • The third dialog is a confirmation dialog. The program will automatically create another backup of your original files. If you want to disable this choose the Change Options button here and uncheck the Backup option before proceeding.
  • The actual patch process now begins. This may take some time (up to 15 minutes), depending on the speed of your PC.
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