Market Research


AP Benson provides public and private sector clients with high quality market and product research services that are aimed at enabling clients to achieve specific objectives. AP Benson is a company partnership member of the Market Research Society. As such we are bound by the research code of practice of the Society.

Market Entry

Research reports provide clients with detailed market knowledge such as competitive landscape, sector trends, addressable market size, demand and price trends.

Feasibility Studies

Market research informs the feasibility of projects, business ventures and decision making more generally.

A feasibility study will provide technical, commercial and market support for the proposed venture or project and provide the project sponsor with confidence that the feasibility study is based on a sound assessment of the market sector.


Benchmarking is about comparing one organisation, branch, business, department against others in order to identify areas for improvement and ultimately to identify best practice. Since benchmarking is a continuous process it often involves the development of tools and techniques for capturing and processing data, annual calculations to update and improve on benchmarks and reporting across a range of defined benchmarks.

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