Market Entry

Research reports provide clients with detailed market knowledge such as competitive landscape, sector trends, addressable market size, demand and price trends. Market research reports assist clients in four key areas:

Market Entry Support

This work also assists clients to develop strategies for achieving market entry. The aim of this process is to enable the client to obtain commercial validation to support a funding proposition. This will involve target customer identification, value proposition development and assistance with developing market entry strategies.

Technology Development

We work with clients who are looking to develop a raw technology into a product or service. Services include market research to:

  •  Define development processes and to inform approaches to development, testing, release and versioning
  •  Establishing development targets, release dates & milestones to satisfy investor needs requirements
  •  Establishing testing strategies and customer feedback on early releases
  •  Establishing release strategies including addressing pricing issues

Key Supplies

The arrangement of supply agreements can be complex & involved where a supplier may acquire a significant stake in the value chain of the client firm if his supply is particularly important to the client.

A wide sweeping search of the market is carried out to identify competing products, current pricing regimes and the competitive strength of market players to allow clients to be fully informed during negotiations.


APB has a strong background in the development of financial models based on sound research and reliable data. Our approach is to ensure that each line of a financial model is underpinned by current facts that have been derived from either first hand research or from reliable secondary source materials. The research data is often supported by confirmation of assumptions from key industry figures

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