Economic Development


With experience in programme design, project evaluation and impact studies, AP Benson undertakes a range of Economic Development projects.

We have a strong focus on hard analytical skills combined with market research, stakeholder engagement and on secondary market sources. We also have an interest in projects that aim to assist SME businesses, addressing specific business sectors. AP Benson is engaged in research, improving current qualitative and quantitative approaches to project and programme evaluation and codifying tools and techniques.

The firm's Economic Development Consultancy is responsible for providing key services to the public sector aimed at improving the delivery of public services.

The wide ranging skills, experience and expertise of its consultants have made AP Benson the preferred partner of many public and private organisations. The firm has won a variety of work from, among others, the Welsh Assembly Government, London Development Agency and the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation.We assist clients in generating efficiency improvements, cutting waste and implementing practical approaches to delivering real economic benefit.

The firm's economic development consultancy services include:

  • Project & Programme Evaluation Services
  • Business Intervention Services
  • SME Support Programmes
  • Innovation Centres
  • Sector Development Services
  • Healthcare Sector Development Services
  • ICT Services
  • University Research & Knowledge Transfer
  • Impact Studies
  • Employment Policy

Ongoing Research at AP Benson

At AP Benson, we have recognised that there is huge variation in how project evaluations are undertaken, the tools and techniques used and, therefore, the value of the outputs. We're working to further develop and validate our Economic Development Consultancy services. The firm is funding a variety of research projects with independent research organisations.

Our research aims to establish the lessons that can be learned both from the ways in which programmes have been deployed and managed and from the approaches taken to evaluating the effectiveness of those programmes.

The aim of AP Benson's research is to establish best practice in the application of tools and techniques to the evaluation and assessment of public sector programmes and projects.

We are working to establish methodologies that provide a genuine and unequivocal insight into the outcome of a project. The aim is clear information on the outcomes, successes and weaknesses of projects and programmes that our clients can use as a guide to improving delivery.

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