Cyrillic Upgrade Questions and Answers

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The Standard Version of Cyrillic 3 is designed for clinicians, genetic counselors and oncologists  who need to draw pedigrees 

and store data in a database, but who don't work with genetic marker data. Try the new integrated risk analysis which uses BRCAP RO and MENDEL, and download the Free Trial Version.

Genetics Researchers may still benefit from Cyrillic 2. This version of Cyrillic draws pedigrees, works with genetic marker data, lets you do haplotyping and allows exports to a range of linkage analysis packages.   If you work with genetic marker data, do haplotyping, or require functionality for export to analysis programs, we recommend that you order or continue to work with Cyrillic 2.

Upgrade Questions and Answers

Q1 What are my options for ordering Cyrillic? Which version is best for me?A1 There are two versions of Cyrillic. The new Cyrillic 3 Standard Version and Cyrillic 2. 

The new Cyrillic 3 Standard Version is designed for genetic counsellors, oncologists, and clinicians. It includes support for industry standard databases, it has fully integrated risk analysis tools and a new user interface. 

Cyrillic 2 is designed for genetic researchers. If you work with genetic marker data you’ll find Cyrillic 2 meets your requirements. 

See price information for upgrade and new copy purchasing options.

Q2 How do we upgrade multiple copies on our site?
A2 You may upgrade them individually or all at one time. If you have 5 or more copies, and want to upgrade all of them to one version, you can mail our sales department for current pricing. 

To help us fulfil your order promptly, send all your Cyrillic serial numbers, which version of Cyrillic you are upgrading to, and the end-users’ names and e-mail addresses.

Q3 Will I be able to use my Cyrillic 2 files in Cyrillic 3?
A3 Yes, you will be able to import your Cyrillic 2 files into Cyrillic 3. However, In the new Cyrillic 3 Standard Version you will have to define your own fields to store any marker data previously stored in Version 2

Q4 What databases are supported by Cyrillic 3 Standard Version?
A4 Access and Paradox file formats are supported by Cyrillic 3 Standard Version. But you don't need these databases to create pedigrees and work with Cyrillic. With the Cyrillic 3 Standard Version you can import your Cyrillic 2 files, and also GEDCOM and CSV (comma-separated text) files. We can help you import your data from other pedigree programs. Mail Technical Support with any specific questions about the new versions of Cyrillic and databases.

Q5 What is the Cyrillic 3 Free Trial version?
A5 This is a fully functional version of Cyrillic 3 Standard Version. There are no limitations. You will be able to create pedigrees, print, calculate risks for breast cancer with BRCAPRO and save your data. The Free Trial is limited to 30-days. To use Cyrillic after 30 days contact us with your payment details, and we’ll give you an activation code to activate Cyrillic 3 fully.

Q6 How do I access the full Cyrillic 3 software on my Cyrillic CD or from my download file?
A6 While you were evaluating Cyrillic, you may have noticed the "Register Cyrillic" button every time you opened the program. To activate the full software you need to order Cyrillic or upgrade, and register the software. If you hit the "Register Cyrillic" button, your computer will create two codes unique to your computer. Call or e-mail us with these codes and we will provide you with an activation code that unlocks the full version of Cyrillic. You may carry on using the Cyrillic 3 trial version until it expires.

Q7 Can our site install Cyrillic 3 Standard Version on a network?
A7 All users who have Cyrillic 3 licenses may store their databases on a server. However, you will need to install the software on each local PC for which you have a license. Users will be able to share databases on the server but only one user will be able to access a given database at any one time. Departmental or multi-user licenses are available to customers requiring five or more copies of Cyrillic. You can mail our sales department for current pricing.

Q8 What are the system requirements for Cyrillic 3?

A8 Version: Cyrillic 3 Standard, Operating System: Win 95/98/2000 and NT, System Requirments: 32MB RAM min

Windows 3.1 users: If you are planning to upgrade from Cyrillic 2.1 or purchase Cyrillic 3 you will need to install Windows 95/98/2000 or NT on your PC. It will not work with Windows 3.1.

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