Science Parks: A Hub of Activity?

Our work on the development of the Innovation Centre at Howbery Park for HR Wallingford Ltd. included a feasibility assessment of the development of "Science Parks" and similar business start up accommodation, together with the provision of business development and mentoring for businesses who become tenants.

Our experience of working with major educational institutions (including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Warwick Business School, and institutions in the London area including London Business School, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Imperial College and Birkbeck College) in both product development collaborations and in technology transfer is also particularly relevant here.

AP Benson's research into the development of "Urban Science Parks" or similar, smaller units with links to local institutions has brought new thinking to regional development authorities providing fertile ground for co-operation with the EU, government and local funders.

AP Benson has particular in-house experience in the development of software and Internet based businesses and in the development of businesses associated with healthcare technology as well as across a broader range of business sectors.


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