ModelMaker Features

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Model building couldn't be easier. Simply click on the component you want and add it to your model diagram.

Each component has a different function:

  • Compartments Represent containers or integrators in your model
  • Flows Signify transport of a quantity from one compartment to another
  • Variables Values which are calculated as your model is run, according to an equation
  • Defined Values Values which are calculated at the start of a run or in response to the actions of an event
  • Influences Indicate where the value of a component affects the value of another
  • Delays Delay the value of another component for a defined period of time
  • DLL Functions Add new functionality - design and integrate your own DLL
  • Sub-models Create models within models
  • Lookups Incorporate external numerical data into your model
  • Events Adjust the values of other components and cater for discontinuous models
  • Parameters Store constant values in your model
  • Text Boxes Add informative text or pictures to your model

Running your model

In ModelMaker, you can simulate any situation.

Choose from 5 different integration methods - Runge-Kutta, Mid-Point, Euler, Bulirsch-Stoer and Gear. Gear's method, new in ModelMaker 4, is an appropriate solver for stiff simulations where processes happen on very different time scales.

Key simulation features are:

  • User defined or adaptive output points
  • Fixed or variable step length
  • Error scaling

You can use the repeated run facility to run your model many times. This tool provides the ability to analyze:

  • Periodic models
  • Stochastic models

Analyzing your model

ModelMaker provides a full range of analysis techniques.

Use ModelMaker's optimization facility to find the best agreement between your model's data and input experimental data. Features include:

  • Marquardt or Simplex methods of optimization
  • Simulated annealing and Grid search methods of initial parameter estimation (NEW in ModelMaker 4!)
  • Ordinary least squares, Weighted least squares and Extended least squares (NEW!) methods of error scaling
  • Comprehensive statistical reporting

Use ModelMaker's Monte Carlo facility (also known as Global sensitivity) to specify model parameters as random distributions. This tool (NEW to ModelMaker 4) allows investigation of the effect of varying parameters on component values. You can:

  • Choose from 14 distribution types
  • Display your results as a histogram
  • Generate a comprehensive statistical report

Other ModelMaker analysis tools include:

  • Minimization
  • Sensitivity analysis

Reporting your results

Once you have simulated and analyzed your model, you can generate tables of results, graphs and statistics. Features include:

  • Fully customizable graphs
  • Comprehensive statistical output
  • Tabulation of model values
  • Cut and paste tools which allow you to incorporate data, models, graphs etc into other applications

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