Investigation of the options available for setting up an Energy Services Company (ESCO)

As organisations strive to reduce their carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, many are looking to new and innovative ways of generating and saving energy. One solution has been the use of Energy Services Companies, (ESCOs) to create innovative business and technological strategies for energy generation.

In an effort to assist organisations find the best ESCO solution; AP Benson has conducted an investigation of the different options available. This investigation covers;

I. Definition and Range of ESCO Options
II. A Review of Existing ESCO Projects
III. Feasibility of Investment in Alternative Technologies
IV. Contracting Models and Financing 
V. Legislative Matters
VI. Barriers to Implementation
VII. Risks

The aim of this document is to give interested parties an overview of ESCOs and their deployment in the UK. We would be happy to work with organisations to develop their understanding of the topic further and indeed to develop new ESCO projects in the UK.

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