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FamilyGenetix Confirm Management Agreement

Agreement strengthens AP Benson IT & Internet Services portfolio in healthcare.

AP Benson is pleased to announce the finalisation of an agreement between AP Benson Ltd and FamilyGenetix Ltd on the transfer of the CyrillicSoftware and ModelKinetix businesses to AP Benson Ltd together with the use of the FamilyGenetix Ltd. trading name.

AP Benson is a business management consultancy group that includes former senior managers at FamilyGenetix.

Originally planned as a 6 month handover process, the transfer of the business to AP Benson management was been completed in 4 months in December 2001. Mr. Frank Bretherton, a major shareholder in FamilyGenetix said, "AP Benson has renewed the strength of our approach to the genetics and mathematical modelling markets, placing the business on a firm financial footing. AP Benson will retain and build on the FamilyGenetix, CyrillicSoftware and ModelKinetics brands."

Mr. Bretherton went on to say:

"AP Benson has also revitalised the FamilyGenetix product development approach. They have developed an aggressive new product development plan through strategic and development alliances with major research and clinical centres. FamilyGenetix is developing software to support research efforts at the General Practice and Primary Care Group at the Institute of Health Sciences, University of Cambridge. Further alliances will be announced in the next quarter. They have strengthened technical support for our customers."

FamilyGenetix Ltd., formerly known as Cherwell Scientific Publishing Ltd. is a UK based scientific and clinical software business located in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, near to its roots in Oxford and only a few miles out of London. FamilyGenetix develops and distributes popular scientific and clinical software such as Cyrillic and ModelMaker.

Posted on 1st March 2002
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