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Deploying Digitally Networked Businesses in the Welsh Social Housing Sector to deliver real benefits

Working with the Welsh Assembly Government AP Benson has researched and developed a digital business ecosystem (DBE) in the Welsh social housing sector. The practical implementation of a DnB will lead to business processes changes that improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

A DnB is a digital market place that is made up of a number of businesses, organisations, consumers and other entities that "do business" with each other. The DnB digitally links these stakeholders together so that the exchange of information, purchase and sale of goods and services and access to data becomes more efficient, cost effective and delivers collaborative and innovative benefits to the sector.

As part of the project AP Benson undertook a thorough investigation of the Welsh social housing Sector and identified key issues that could be addressed by setting up a DnB across the sector.

The analysis showed that a DnB would deliver real benefits in areas such as purchasing economies in both housing construction and maintenance, tenant services, allocation of accommodation and tenant interaction with housing associations. The DnB would crucially benefit the tenants by providing easier access to information and services.

AP Benson developed the DnB from a concept to a fully functioning deployment plan. The plan addressed:

  • Stakeholder groups within Welsh social housing identifying and recruiting a pilot group 
  • Technical specifications for DnB deployment within and without stakeholder organisations 
  • DnB management and operating structure
  • Costing and financial returns to all stakeholders. This included the development of a DnB business model
  • Implementation and launch planning
  • Wider benefit analysis

The DnB deployment plans has been used as a template for the development of other DnBs in Wales including the National Library of Wales and Welsh Community Radio.

AP Benson is a management and economic development consultancy with offices around the country including the West Midlands, London, Cardiff and the Thames Valley. Since the company's formation it has provided services to the public and private sector in a range of fields including financial consultancy, project evaluation, business development and IT Transformation

Posted on 30th April 2008
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