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AP Benson plays a key role in the creation of HR Wallingford Innovation Centre

AP Benson plays a key role in the creation of HR Wallingford Innovation Centre as part of the Southern Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub (SOEH)

AP Benson is delighted to have played a key role in the recent creation of the HR Wallingford Innovation Centre as part of the Southern Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub (SOEH) in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

AP Benson was also instrumental in the organisation, strategic direction and creation of the Southern Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub (SOEH).

This hub will help address some key issues affecting businesses in the area including skills shortages amongst the general workforce, funding guidance for small businesses and also to provide space for innovative companies to grow and develop.

AP Benson led the development of the HR Wallingford innovation centre within the SOEH.  Work included the development of a business case, collaboration with the other Southern Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub partners, funding guidance and development of an ICT infrastructure. Consultancy support was also provided to address any legal matters and property disputes that arose. AP Benson will also carry out the day to day management of the innovation centre.

AP Benson was able to coordinate a large team of different organisations including the Environment Agency, the University of Oxford, HR Wallingford, Oxfordshire County Council and many others who worked together to deliver the SOEH.  

AP Benson is a management and economic development consultancy with offices around the country including the West Midlands, London, Cardiff and the Thames Valley. Since the company's formation it has provided services to the public and private sector in a range of fields including financial consultancy, project evaluation, business development and IT Transformation  

Tom Girn

Posted on 15th August 2002
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