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AP Benson appointed to lead Accelerate Networks

AP Benson takes part in Director Development initiative to aid automotive companies based in the West Midlands.

AP Benson is delighted to be retained by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (funded by Advantage West Midlands) to manage strategic networks of automotive parts manufacturing companies operating in the West Midlands as part of their Accelerate Programme.   

The project works with groups of similar manufacturing firms in "networks" to enable the sharing of best practice in a range of areas such as innovative thinking, leadership development, team productivity and ultimately leading to the development of business level strategies to support growth and diversification. The networks aim to develop the management and leadership capabilities of senior managers and support a culture of business improvement and innovation.   This contract will build on work completed in our earlier round of Accelerate networks delivered in 2004/05.  

During the project AP Benson will be providing senior managers with workshops, courses and mentoring services that cover a variety of issues that face business leaders today. Areas of interest include business strategy, business development, leadership and management techniques along with help managing day to day issues such as financial reporting.

 "This work comes at a particularly opportune time for manufacturers" commented AP Benson  Chairman Frank Bretherton "we as a firm look forward to working with a group of diverse and exciting firms looking to expand and grow in a difficult but challenging market".

AP Benson is a management and economic development consultancy with offices around the country including the West Midlands, London, Cardiff and the Thames Valley. Since the company's formation it has provided services to the public and private sector in a range of fields including financial consultancy, project evaluation, business development and IT Transformation. 

Shelly Carter

Posted on 19th December 2006



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