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AP Benson announces agreement with the Oxford Foundation for Theoretical Nueroscience and Artificial Intelligence (OFTNAI)

AP Benson is delighted to announce an agreement with the the Oxford Foundation for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence (OFTNAI) which will lead to the development of improved services to clients of our Modelling Group.

The Foundation is an independent registered charity that aims to raise funds for teaching and research in theoretical neuroscience at Oxford. It was instituted in 2006. Through its trading companies it is also developing a reputation for applying theoretical neuroscience and artificial intelligence techniques to practical industrial and business problems. The charity is headed by Dr. Simon Stringer a research mathematician at Oxford University for over ten years, working in various areas of computer modelling, including control systems, computational aerodynamics, mathematical epidemiology, and theoretical neuroscience. Simon has a strong interest in developing closer ties with industry and novel funding mechanisms for scientific research.

AP Benson Managing Director Tom Girn stated, "We are very pleased to be working with Simon and his colleagues again and look forward to further developing our approach to solving complex business modelling problems."

AP Benson is a management and economic development consultancy with offices in Cardiff, London, Birmingham and Reading. Since the company's formation it has provided services to the public and private sector in a range of fields including feasibility studies, project evaluation, business development and IT Transformation.

Callum Finlayson, Consultant

Posted on 21st December 2010

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