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Cyrillic is the intelligent pedigree drawing tool that's designed to work the way you think. Cyrillic is a powerful program that brings together all the tools you need for drawing family pedigrees, and managing and analyzing pedigree data.

We currently offer two versions of Cyrillic, Cyrillic version 2.1.3 and Cyrillic version 3.0.400. Cyrillic 3.0.400 is aimed at users who work mostly in the clinical environment. Cyrillic 2 still supported and is aimed at users with more research orientated needs, particularly those undertaking haplotyping and linkage work.

[Click here] for more information on upgrading to Cyrillic 3.   Information on Cyrillic compatibility with versions of Windows can be found [here].

Support for Database Formats

Cyrillic 3 Standard Version is a user-friendly interface to your pedigree database. When you start your pedigree in Cyrillic 3, you select from Microsoft Access or Paradox database formats. Your pedigrees are stored in a fully manageable, scalable database. While you draw and manage pedigrees, your individual, family and disease data is created in your Cyrillic database. And your data is updated automatically as your pedigree grows!

In your Cyrillic 3 database you can search pedigrees and add new user-defined fields.

Integrated Risk Assessment

Cyrillic 3 Standard Version calculates risks for breast cancer using BRCAPRO*. Cyrillic also includes MENDEL, which has served practitioners of genetic counselling and genetic epidemiology for many years. BRCAPRO, a model and software for genetic counselling of women at high risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer is well known within the community. These analysis tools are fast and easy-to-use, and you don't need genetic marker data to run them. Both programs are available from menus within Cyrillic.

New Features in Cyrillic 3

  • Supports Microsoft Access, Paradox file formats
  • Search and sort pedigree files
  • Data fields are updated automatically as you draw your pedigree
  • Add data through the pedigree drawing, forms, or a table view
  • No limits to the database size, individuals per family
  • Define your own additional fields
  • Fully integrated risk analysis using BRCAPRO and MENDEL
  • Predefined data sets for BrCa risk analysis
  • Use your own genetic models
  • More flexible drawing options
  • Support for multiple parents, and no parents required for siblings
  • Improved handling of twins and multiple-birth pregnancies
  • A table view of your data is on-screen, below the pedigree, for "live" editing of individual data
  • Improved circular pedigrees
  • Improved printing, print preview

Cyrillic 3 Screenshot

This is a screen shot from Cyrillic 3 showing a pedigree illustrating a complex family tree. The square symbols represent males and the circular symbols represent females. The connecting lines indicate lines of decent or relationships and the colored segments represent disease manifestations. The grid at the bottom of the screen contains all the information about individuals within the pedigree and is configurable by the user.

Import Existing Pedigree Files

What about your current pedigree files? No problem. Cyrillic 3 will import files from Cyrillic 2.x. And we can help you import pedigree files from other programs. Contact us now!

PLEASE NOTE: If you use genetic marker data and do haplotyping, you will need to use Cyrillic 2

See the Upgrade Q+As for further details about the different versions.

Cyrillic uses MENDEL developed by Ken Lange. BRCAPRO is developed by G Parmigiani, DA Berry and O Aguilar, authors of "Determining Carrier Probabilities for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2", Am. J. Hum. Genet., 62:145-158,1998. The developers of both programs assume no legal liability for use of their software or algorithms.