Cyrillic Price List 2015


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Price List 2016

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Single Copies
CyrillicSoftware manages online sales using PayPal to offer buyers a familiar and secure payment method. Please note: PayPal can be used to pay via your PayPal account or you can select "Pay with a debit or credit card" on the PayPal payment screen to make payment without a PayPal account.
Cyrillic 2.1 Delivery Options:
Cyrillic 3.0.400 Delivery Options:
Delivery Options
Ordering Cyrillic Manuals:
Download copies (PDF) of Manuals and Getting Started Guides [here].  
For hard copies please [contact us] for current pricing and postage costs. 

If you are unable to purchase using PayPal please contact us using the [online form].

To Cyrillic 3 Standard Edition from any previous Cyrillic version
or from any other pedigree drawing program (order through PayPal):
Cyrillic 3 Standard Edition UPGRADE Delivery Options:

[Click here] for more information on upgrading to Cyrillic 3.

To Cyrillic 2.1 from Cyrillic 2 or earlier
Cyrillic 2.1 UPGRADE Delivery Options:

Shipping Costs

Please note that shipping and handling costs apply for physical deliveries. 

Discounting Scheme

Standard pricing applies to physical deliveries of software.

A 10% discount on standard pricing is offered for all download-only orders.

Further discounts are offered for volume purchases in tiers.   Please [contact us] for orders of 5 or more copies.

1-4 licenses: No discount
5-9 licenses: 5% discount
10-14 licenses: 10% discount
15-19 licenses: 15% discount
20-24 licenses: 20% discount
25+ licenses: Apply for a special discount rate


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