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About ModelMaker 4

Whether you are a research scientist, consultant or a teacher, ModelMaker is your ideal modeling environment. Its no nonsense approach to modeling and in-depth functionality brings modeling to novices and experts alike.

Modelmaker 4 continues to be applied all areas of modeling science: environmental science, chemistry, physiology, sociology, epidemiology, pharmacokinetics, economics, business management, ecology and mathematics. Using its compartmental approach, if you can visualize your system then you can build your model.

ModelMaker's extensive range of functions allow you to model just about any system - continuous and discontinuous functions, stiff systems and stochastic systems. Rationalise your results using ModelMaker's analysis methods - optimization, minimization, Monte Carlo and sensitivity analysis. Visit the ModelMaker Features pages and take a quick tour of the many ways in which ModelMaker can help you develop your modeling systems. All models described can be downloaded on the download page.

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